• Demystify Forex
    For all the technical terms and jargon used by traders, the forex market is just a simple transaction of one currency being exchange for another.

  • Forex: 'Cosmetic Control'
    However, it is not on these or the many other 'cosmetic' actions that the government has relied for its effective policy. In 1963, the government brought into the battle its heavy artillery in the form of a number of direct controls aimed at bank lending, at inhibition of corporate investment abroad, and similar steps.

  • Forex: Introducing the Band Proposal
    The 'band' proposal is admittedly a compromise between the views of advocates of flexible rates and those who desire to maintain the present relative inflexibility. Besides the gain in more effective balance of payments adjustments which a widening of the band would achieve, other advantages are claimed by its advocates.

  • Getting The Right Forex Broker
    Choosing the right Forex broker takes a lot of things to consider. Pause and learn everything that you can before you get yourself a Forex broker.

  • Increasing World Liquidity
    Nevertheless, preoccupation with plans to increase the future supply of world reserve persists. In good part, this path is chosen because it is more difficult (and perhaps more dangerous) to attempt to make a major change in the adjustment mechanism.

  • Leverage and the Forex Market
    Leverage has always been one of the main selling points of the forex. Knowing why will be important as it will help in understanding why leverage is important in the forex and why it has contributed very much in its growth, things which are very much connected with the current nature of the forex.

  • Long Term Evaluations on the U.S. Dollar
    There are a lot of issues that a forex trader must scrutinize, not the least of which is the state of the U.S. Dollar. While there is general consensus on the short term state of the greenback, there are varying opinions on the long term prospects for the U.S. Dollar.

  • One Price Only
    Prices of identical goods must sell for the same price more or less in different towns for different prices would be abused by arbitrage.

  • Start Your Online Trading With Free Capital
    Have you ever traded forex and you made a lot of loss which discouraged you from trading forex?

  • The Participants in the Foreign Exchange Market
    The different participants in the forex market play different roles in market movement. Knowing who they are and what effect they have on the market would give a trader important points to consider during his business activities.

  • The Pitfalls of Forex Day Trading Systems
    Do not believe the myth that day forex trading systems can make money. There is no income in day forex trading because it is hard to trade without knowing the prices involved in the business.

  • What Should A Good Forex Dealer Know About the Forex Market In General?
    There are a lot of places that you can learn about the forex market. It is either on your local university, library or even from some foreign exchange dealer. There is no harm in preparing yourself first before joining the market because you will be able to improve your performance through this thorough preparation.

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