Start Your Online Trading With Free Capital

Have you ever traded forex and you made a lot of loss which discouraged you from trading forex? Or did you lose a lot of money in forex trading and you can't recover from the loss or maybe you don't have enough money to start trading forex but you are a professional.

If you are a beginner in forex trading and you are afraid of investing your money you can first of all start by trading with “paid to post bonus” that is offered by Instaforex. But first, you would need to create an account with Instaforex in other for you to attach your account that you would be paid into on a monthly basis. This bonus cannot be withdrawn, but you can withdraw without any limit every single dime you make from trading with it and your bonus would still be in tact as long as you don’t lose it while trading.

To find out up to 3 wonderful forums that would pay you to post from $0.20 to $0.35 and you can withdraw your bonus from some of the forums, you should visit:


1. There are few forums out there who will pay you bonus per post made. The payment ranges from $0.20 to $.30 cent depending on the section of the forum you make comment.

2. Make 50 bonus a day is the .20 X 50 = $10 per day sum it up for a month.


i. Depending on the forum your first 5 to 10 post will not be visible after then you would see your post and bonus earned for post made.

ii. Ensure that you make a post of 2 to 3 lines to get bonus for post.

iii. Make relevant comments, answers or questions, in other words do not spam the forum

v. Attach your account

vi. Withdraw to your account by the end of the month.